What exactly is BixCON?

The BixCON event has its origins in 2009 when Kathy & I thought that February can be a long cold month in Saskatchewan. We wanted to pack so much fun into an event in the month of February that it would be a month we look forward to every year. The third Monday is a holiday in our Province, called Family Day. Instead of traveling somewhere, we thought it would be nice to have some friends over for board games all weekend for the extended family day weekend. Start Friday night and play games until around supper time on Monday. (Necessary breaks for sleep and hygiene). We posted the basic foundation of the event on our private website and hoped that we might get 4 or 5 friends sign up for a weekend of gaming. We were blown away when we had 21 registrants. This got huge in a hurry. BixCON is now an annual event at our house every February.

The downside of hosting this event at our house, is that we have to limit attendance to about 25 friends. Kathy and I feel bad that we cannot invite all of our friends to BixCON.

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