What are the different BixCON events?

The main BixCON event is the gaming gathering that we host in our home. We now refer to this as BixCON Prime. It is the genesis of the whole series. The first one occurred in 2009 and after a couple of years of running those annually, it spawned the idea of having a series of events. 1 is not enough. 🙂 Here is information about the full line up of events.

BixCON Prime – Established event. 
This is the event that started it all. 4 days of full immersion gaming. This occurs every February on the Family Day weekend. We start Friday night at supper time and play games until Monday night at supper time with occasional breaks for sleep and personal hygiene. 🙂 This event started off as a way to introduce some of our non-gaming friends / casual gamers into the wonderful world of hobby boardgames. Over the years, the need to introduce people to the hobby has diminished as there are a whole suite of public gaming events in Regina that meet that need. This event is now a healthy dose of mid to heavy weight games with a sprinkle of lighter social games mixed in here and there. We cater all of the meals to make it easier for folks to stay and game; helps to maintain a cohesive event. The density of gaming is the attraction: both quantity of games and quality. Not for the feint of heart.

Other events in the line up of BixCON Events are as follows:

BixCON (Summer Sizzle Lobster Fest) – Established event.
This is a gathering in our garage and backyard. This is a lobster boil and gathering of friends. It is typically held on an afternoon on the Canada Day weekend. It generally involves some light tabletop:
– Tumblin Dice
– Pitchcar
– Connect 4 Launchers
– Bausack
– Mexican Train Dominoes
– Anomia
– Etc.

It also involves a number of yard games like:
– Kubb
– Washer Toss
– Molkky
– Darts
– Bocce
– Ladder Ball.

And, of course, there is a feast of lobster and I would be remiss if I did not say that beer was consumed.

BixCON (EPIC Throw Down) – This event is in the planning stages.
It is all about getting people together for a day (or two) to play the epics. You know, the long heavy beasts that need some big table space an a number of hours to play. This gathering will focus on the following games:
– Roads & Boats
– Indonesia
– Eclipse
– XIA: Legends of a Drift System
– Railways of the World (Combined Eastern & Western USA Map)
– Merchant of Venus

BixCON (Day of Dexterity) – Established event.
This is a day of various indoor/outdoor dexterity games. When you own as many dexterity games as I do, you need to make playing them an event. Front and center are the following games:
– Pitchcar (With many many copies to build an epic track).
– Crokinole (We own three custom boards).
– Tumblin’ Dice
– PiratenBillard
– Weykick
– Klask
– Bocce
– Kubb
– Molkky
– Darts

This is run as a charity event to raise money to help alleviate homelessness and food security issues. 

BixCON Away – Established event.
This is a larger version of BixCON. This event builds on all of the things that make BixCON successful and is a larger “intimate friendly gaming gathering”. By having this event outside of our home, we get to invite more friends. Cool, right? So we will continue to plan and host BixCON Prime, and BixCON Away will be the name of the bigger event that is away from our house with way more people and way more fun! This event takes place annually in Livingston, Montana. We have a great partner with a local hotel so we are prepared for growth.

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